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How the Millennium can help us understand the Parable of the Two Sons

Posted by gospelclips on July 31, 2012

How can the prodigal son help us understand Eternity? Who will be in the New Jerusalem? Who will be the Nations? Who will be on earth during the Millennium? Who will go to Heaven?

This is a story that Jesus told to illustrate how God treats His Children. God is like the father in this story. His sons represent born again believers. The Father has servants who are not sons. The far away places represent the world and the people who live there have no fellowship with the Father and do not serve the Father. There are many layers in this parable. The Younger Son is contrasted with the Older Son. Sons are also contrasted with Servants. On the surface, this parable illustrates God’s love mercy and forgiveness towards His children. It illustrates how we as God’s children can become proud and think we are better than others whom God has forgiven and made His children by giving them His Spirit (The inheritance that would become theirs when Christ died). The story was relevant to the sinners and tax collectors (who were like the younger son) and the self righteous Pharisees (who were like the older son) to whom Jesus told it. It is just as relevant to us today as it was to the Pharisees and Tax collectors in Jesus’ time. On a deeper level, the Older son and the Younger son could equally represent Israel and the Church respectively. Who then are the Servants who serve the Father and who are the people in far off lands? In order to understand this parable prophetically, one needs to understand the difference between servants and sons and also have a good understanding of end times revelation. In Jesus’ time, people could become children of God under the Old or the New Covenant. It is possible to serve God without becoming a Child of God by serving God’s people. God distinguishes between non Christians who serve God and those who persecute Him. (eg The parable of the Sheep and the Goats.) Those who become Children of God by faith will become the New Jerusalem in Eternity. Those who only serve the father without becoming sons will become the Nations in Eternity. Those who rebel against the father and have no fellowship with Him will be thrown into the Lake of Fire in Eternity regardless of whether they became sons or not. If the Older son represents Israel, He like Israel will be part of the New Jerusalem and rejoice with the Father that the younger son the Church returned to the Father. Both the Church and Israel will be part of the New Jerusalem in Eternity. During the Millennium, however, the Church will be in Heaven and Israel will be on Earth. The Nations who were kind to God’s people will help the 144000 Jews to repopulate the Earth during the Millennium. Providing they do not take part in the final rebellion at the end of the Millennium, they will be the Nations outside the New Jerusalem in Eternity (if they are in the Lamb’s Book of Life when they are Judged at the Great White Throne). If you become a child of God by repenting and turning to Him and asking for forgiveness, you will receive an inheritance. God will put his Spirit in you now and you will be part of the New Jerusalem in Eternity. When Christ returns, he will redeem you from the Earth and you will reign with him in Heaven for the Millennium and in the New Jerusalem for all Eternity.


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